Friday, November 30

Clearing the Tabs 11-30-2018

Some things I've read this week or will be reading over the weekend.

November 24
The gig economy, Americans and the future

November 27
Well Whadya Know: Federal Revenue Is Up

Donald Trump, you're no Ronald Reagan
"Reagan's accomplishment was to actually make the idea of conservatism, something associated with the pre-New Deal era and Barry Goldwater's landslide defeat, mainstream by speaking hopefully and optimistically. He looked to win converts, and did. He captured 44 states in 1980 and 49 states voted to re-elect him."

November 28
A Teachable Moment on Taxes and Deadweight Loss, Courtesy of D.C.’s Greedy Government

The Bailouts at Ten: I Told You So
"Set aside the ethical questions entirely and focus on the mechanics: Businesses such as GM get into trouble not because of one-time events in the wider economic environment, but because they are so weak as businesses that they cannot weather one-time events in the wider economic environment. GM’s sedan business is weak because GM’s sedans are weak: Virtually all of the best-selling sedans in the United States are made by Toyota, Honda, and Nissan."

November 29

Friday, November 2

Clearing the Tabs 11-2-2018

Some things I've read this week or will be reading over the weekend.

November 1
Saving America’s Retirement System and Providing Real Middle-Class Tax Relief

November 2
True or False: Economists Should Advise Despotic States
My friend of nearly 20 years now, Phil Magness, writes a lot of interesting things these days. This one is really intriguing.

Sunday, October 28

After Words: Arthur Brooks Interviews Ben Sasse

Two of my favorite people joined together to put together an amazing discussion for an hour. Spend an hour watching Arthur Brooks of American Enterprise Institute (AEI) interview Senator Ben Sasse about his new book, Them. This is NOT a political discussion. So grab a beverage, relax, and enjoy this presentation.