Friday, August 10

Clearing the Tabs 8-10-2018

Some things I've read this week or will be reading over the weekend.

August 4
The new-McCarthyism of our censorious age

August 6
Portman Praises Economic Rebound, but says Recovery is not yet Complete

August 7
As Venezuela Dollarizes, Monetarism's Conceit Collapses

August 8
Memories of Paul Laxalt, Conservative Champion
I know Quin Hillyer as a Jack Kemp guy, and his words on Paul Laxalt are worth reading.

Why THIS must happen next in Trump’s economic revolution

August 9
Extending Last Year's Tax Cuts Without Massive Spending Reductions Would Be a Fiscal Disaster
New CBO analysis shows debt could exceed 200 percent (!!!) of GDP by mid-century without changes.

Kris Kobach's Primary Fight Shows a GOP Still Obsessed With Immigration Fantasies
The two major parties continue their sorting into democratic socialists on the left and Mercantilist nativists to the right.

August 10
Everyone Loses from Trade Wars
In the long run, a closed economy would be disastrous for us all.

Friday, August 3

Clearing the Tabs 8-3-2018

Some things I've read this week or will be reading over the weekend.

Frost Bank is leading something for 30 days starting August 6 called The 30-Day Optimism Challenge. I'm participating and I would encourage you to take a look and also consider participating. Check it out and see how simple it is, and use #OptForOptimism if you discuss it or take up the challenge.

July 31
Should Spain Reject Rich Venezuelan Refugees of Socialism?

Facebook has a climate-denial problem

August 1
What Will Convince Trump on Trade?
Deals passed under President Bush increased bilateral U.S. trade surpluses.

August 2
I have really been enjoying Arthur Brooks' podcast, here is this week's new episode.

This was also a good and important podcast.

August 3
Liberal media never tells us when Congress does something right – Here's what you're missing

A Trade "Imbalance" Doesn't Imply A Currency Problem

Sorry, Gov. Brown — Global Warming Not To Blame For Deadly California Fires

Wednesday, July 25

Happy 38th to Caddyshack

Perhaps my favorite movie.

Tuesday, July 17

Clearing the Tabs 7-13-2018

Some things I've read this week or will be reading over the weekend.

July 8
The Federal Reserve Has Taken Major Space Inside Washington's Collective Head

July 9
Is Book Retailer Barnes & Noble Too Big to Fail?

July 10
The Facts on Employment

The Power of Positive People
Are your friendships giving you a boost or bringing you down?

July 11
A Fresh-Faced Political Outsider Tries to Turn Her Blue California District Red

A Primer on Marginal Tax Rates

July 12
California Nightmare

Matt K. Lewis on his podcast interviewed author Dan Abrams on his book Lincoln's Last Trial, and the conversation is fascinating. It's only about 30 minutes, but I learned some fascinating things.