Tuesday, June 30

Clearing the Tabs June 30, 2020

Some things I've read so far in the second half of this month, or will be reading soon. It appears that a lot of people are staying at home looking for things to read, so I've broken this month into two parts again, and will probably keep doing this for a while.

June 16
The disparate impact of California climate policies

June 18
The Green Civil War

June 19
MLB players still owe us one for the disgrace of 1994

June 22
Feudalism and Stagnation in South Africa

Our Politics Will Improve When We Turn Off Our Phones

June 23
The Father of Capitalism and the Abolition of Slavery

June 25
America’s Next Crisis: Unfunded Pensions for State and Local Bureaucrats

CHAZ, Christiania, and the Autonomous Zones We Really Need

June 28
The Adverse Economic Consequences of Higher Tax Rates

June 29
On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare

June 30
Ending Obamacare Won't End Health Care Coverage

Monday, June 15

Clearing the Tabs June 15, 2020

Some things I've read so far this month or will be reading soon. It appears the month will be a long one, and a lot of people are staying at home looking for things to read, so I've broken this month into two parts again, expect a post on June 30 as well.

June 1
If We Want Better Policing, Eliminate Qualified Immunity

Neo-Feudalism in California

June 2
Pandemics and Pandemonium

June 5
Should Government Subsidize Unemployment?

June 7
From tragedy to opportunity: We could live better when today's mayhem ends

June 8
The Unfortunate Decline of Federalism in the United States

If you want more accountability, rein in police unions

The Rebellion of America’s New Underclass

June 9
Absolute Economic Liberty, Relative Economic Liberty, and the Never-Answered Question

How Inattention Is Killing Democracy

June 10
Did the Trump Tax Cuts 'Work'?

June 11
WHO's deadly incompetence

June 12
The “Broken Window Fallacy” of Keynesian Economics

June 13
Enough subsidies for electric vehicles

June 15
Racism and the Working Class

Sunday, May 31

Clearing the Tabs May 31, 2020

Some things I've read this month or will be reading soon.

May 16
The Coronavirus Means Millennials Are More Screwed Than Ever
A generation that already expected not to do as well as their parents is likely to take an ever darker view in the midst of a pandemic.

Where Are the Tears for the Workers Who Make New York, New York City?

May 17
The new geography of America, post-coronavirus

May 18
Coronavirus, Federal Spending, and Media Innumeracy

Poverty, Not Income Inequality, Is Our Modern Problem

May 19
Did Social Justice Efforts Kill Thousands of New York Seniors?

Why John Paul II Believed National Identity Protected Human Freedoms

New York vs. Florida, Round #4

Podcast: Red Bull Is Disgusting. And It Perfectly Captures Why Capitalism Is So Great.
Ludwig von Mises is “my hero,” and free markets have nothing to do with efficiency, says Ogilvy ad man Rory Sutherland.

May 21
Who Will Answer for New York’s Nursing Home Catastrophe?

The Economic Consequences of Expanding Pay-as-You-Go Social Security Systems

Economists Are Expert at 'Crisply' Extending Economic Misery

May 22
Unsustainable America

May 25
The Coronavirus Is Also Spreading a Dark New Era of Neo-Feudalism
Rather than a catastrophe ruining lives, some modern day clerics see the pandemic and the lockdowns as a “test run” for their dreams of achieving “degrowth.”

May 28
Andrew Cuomo's deadly failures

Exposing the hoax

May 29
A New Age of Feudalism for the Working Class?
If too many of the American working class lack any hope of improving their condition, we could face dangerous upheaval in the near future.

Friday, May 29

AOC Finally So Left She's on the Right

Saturday, May 16

Orel Hershiser of the San Antonio Dodgers

As you can see, I saw a picture of Orel Hershiser from his college days at Bowling Green State University, and I wanted to add the picture of Orel as a member of the San Antonio Dodgers. So I tweeted it.
Well then, after that it got exciting. Orel Hershiser himself liked the tweet! It is not quite as great as 1988, but it is a nice runner-up.

Friday, May 15

Clearing the Tabs May 15, 2020

Some things I've read so far this month or will be reading soon. It appears the month will be a long one, and a lot of people are staying at home looking for things to read, so I've broken this month into two parts, expect a post on May 31 as well.

May 1
Subways Seeded the NYC Epidemic: MIT Economist

The Pandemic Road to Serfdom
Our Covid-era oligarchs are fitting us for feudalism.

May 3
Letter from Los Angeles: The death of small business is a tragedy for Jewish community and democracy

May 4

Congress, don't extend disincentives to work

May 6
Rethinking the Social Safety Net

May 7
Cuomo to Covid Volunteers: Pay Up
The governor imposes New York income taxes on the health-care workers from other states who answered his call to come fight coronavirus.

One Nation, Under Lockdown, Divided By Pandemic

May 8
Deindustrialization as a Template for COVID-19

May 9
Don’t bet on vitamin D to fight coronavirus, researchers warn

Coronavirus Is Worsening America’s Grim Fiscal Outlook
May 10
The flattened economy must be revived now

Hygienic fascism: Turning the world into a 'safe space' — but at what cost?

May 11
The Glory—and Risk—of Cities
From the beginning, urban density has yielded opportunity while also posing the danger of contagion.

May 12
Are California leaders 'losing the locker room' with coronavirus response?

May 13
Time to explode the Andrew Cuomo myth

May 14
Towards a Better Urbanism

The Dangerous Consequences of Renewables in the Age of COVID-19

May 15
Keeping schools closed in the fall is not a viable option