Monday, July 1

Fred Lieb Information Needed; Baseball Writer

I'm posting this in a couple of places on the internet in the hopes that the right person or people might find this.

I am doing a deep research dive into the life of Frederick (Fred) George Lieb. Fred Lieb was a prolific baseball writer who lived from 1888 until 1980. His most recognized book was Baseball As I Have Known It. Lieb is in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as part of the Writers Wing. Fred Lieb dubbed Yankee Stadium "The House That Ruth Built."

I am looking for the hard-to-find items as they relate to Mr. Lieb. Articles, book excerpts, personal correspondence (perhaps you or a family member purchased something at auction), clippings, manuscripts, photos, autographs, etc, etc. Mr. Lieb spent the better part of his later years in St. Petersburg, Florida, writing baseball columns for the St. Petersburg Times as well as for The Sporting News, so perhaps someone from that area has items I would not have uncovered just yet.

I have of course already done some pretty common searches on the internet and have accumulated a few things. I do NOT need to own what you have, but scans and details would be most welcome.

Please reach out to me at if you have any items, any questions, or any tips on where I might look next.

Sunday, June 30

Leftist Doesn't See President Trump's Expanded Base

Politidope with a thoroughly uneducated take. Count those who have gone back to work on President Trump's watch as part his base, which supposedly hasn't expanded as the economy has indeed expanded.

Tuesday, June 25

Free Economics Course with John B. Taylor Offered Online

If you want to learn a little, or a lot, about economics, Stanford University and the Hoover Institution are offering us all a free opportunity to learn from one of the modern greats, John B. Taylor, creator of "The Taylor Rule." The course is free online and begins on July 1. You need to register. Link in tweet below:

Saturday, June 1

Watching a 1-0 High School Baseball Game

If you know me at all you know I love baseball. If you know me well, you have likely heard my lectures about how I prefer a nice 1-0 ballgame versus a 10-9 slugfest.

Well, on Saturday I watched a Texas high school playoff game between Magnolia West and Georgetown. It was game three of the series, the deciding game to determine who would advance to the Texas state 5A playoff tournament to be played in Round Rock at Dell Diamond next week.

I got my 1-0 ballgame and it was quite remarkable how it happened. After a scoreless top of the first, Georgetown came to bat. Their leadoff hitter, Jeffrey David, hit the first pitch he saw to right-center and was able to get a triple as he slid safely in to third base. The next batter, Wyatt Childress, fell behind 0-2, but the third pitch he saw he hit a slow bouncer to the shortstop who fielded the ball and threw out Childress at first, but David scored from third on the play to give Georgetown the 1-0 lead, and the only run of the game was scored right there on the fourth pitch of the game.

The two teams played the entire seven inning ballgame, and the only run that scored was in the bottom of the first. The game did not even last two hours. I love baseball, have I mentioned that? A 1-0 game is rare at any level, major leagues, minor leagues, college, and so on. It is even more rare in high school, and yet, there it was unfolding before my eyes on Saturday afternoon. -

Thursday, May 30

Phil Mickelson on Bubba Watson and Using Two Drivers

Phil Mickelson was a legend, and a golf legend, well before he joined Twitter and Instagram. His posts are putting him in a whole other stratosphere as he is absolutely hilarious. This gem of a post is filled with great lines, "cute little cuts" being one of them, after he mocks Bubba Watson for his grizzly "bear" chest hair.

Friday, March 8

Clearing the Tabs 3-8-2019

Some things I've read this week or will be reading over the weekend.

March 2
The Imperial Presidency

March 4
Brady, Arrington & Estes Point to Trade as Key Issue for Country this Year
“If we’re able to have a fair deal with China, then the future is much brighter for the next generation of farmers and ranchers.”

March 5
Yet Another Bogus Claim: Medicare for All Boosts Economic Growth

March 6
Taking on Addiction

Some Towns Are Trashing Their Costly, Inefficient Recycling Programs
The market seems to be sending towns and cities a powerful message that there is no need to recycle all the things all the time.