Saturday, November 16

My Review of They're Both Wrong by John Tamny

I have reviewed a book that will be released next week by John Tamny titled They're Both Wrong: A Policy Guide for America’s Frustrated Independent Thinkers. I hope you will take a few minutes to read it and consider the book as a gift for others as we approach the holiday season, I think you and others will enjoy it.

Thursday, October 31

Clearing the Tabs October 2019

Some things I've read this month or will be reading soon.

October 1
Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution

October 6
The Old Can Share the Wealth, or the Young Will Take It From Them
Downward mobility is increasingly the norm in the United States, a country built on aspiration. It’s a problem worldwide, and a reason confidence in democracy has plummeted.

October 11
October 15
‘Medicare for All’ vs. a Better Medicare

October 21
Target Employees Won The 'Fight For $15' but Weren't Ready for the Trade-Offs
Workers say they've had their hours cut and lost other benefits, such as health insurance. If only someone could have predicted that.

October 29
How To Make the Case For School Choice

Saturday, August 31

Clearing the Tabs August 2019

Some things I've read this month or will be reading soon.

August 24
Public schools should be places of learning, not propaganda
"Public schools need to focus not on ideology but on intelligent pragmatism. They should focus on both on improving reading and math scores and becoming reliable suppliers of talent to our local companies."

August 31
The Recycling Folly
The bottom line is that most recycling programs impose a fiscal and personal cost on people for very meager environmental benefits.

Monday, July 1

Fred Lieb Information Needed; Baseball Writer

I'm posting this in a couple of places on the internet in the hopes that the right person or people might find this.

I am doing a deep research dive into the life of Frederick (Fred) George Lieb. Fred Lieb was a prolific baseball writer who lived from 1888 until 1980. His most recognized book was Baseball As I Have Known It. Lieb is in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as part of the Writers Wing. Fred Lieb dubbed Yankee Stadium "The House That Ruth Built."

I am looking for the hard-to-find items as they relate to Mr. Lieb. Articles, book excerpts, personal correspondence (perhaps you or a family member purchased something at auction), clippings, manuscripts, photos, autographs, etc, etc. Mr. Lieb spent the better part of his later years in St. Petersburg, Florida, writing baseball columns for the St. Petersburg Times as well as for The Sporting News, so perhaps someone from that area has items I would not have uncovered just yet.

I have of course already done some pretty common searches on the internet and have accumulated a few things. I do NOT need to own what you have, but scans and details would be most welcome.

Please reach out to me at if you have any items, any questions, or any tips on where I might look next.

Sunday, June 30

Leftist Doesn't See President Trump's Expanded Base

Politidope with a thoroughly uneducated take. Count those who have gone back to work on President Trump's watch as part his base, which supposedly hasn't expanded as the economy has indeed expanded.

Clearing the Tabs June 2019

Some things I've read this month or will be reading soon.

June 22
Evidence from the States: Higher Taxes = Fewer Jobs

June 21
Histrionics, Hysteria and Joe Biden
Will the Democratic Party banish its democratic instincts?

June 20
A Tribute to Art Laffer

June 19

President Trump Awards Arthur Laffer The Presidential Medal of Freedom
A world $100 trillion richer.

June 18
The Trump Tax Reform Is Generating Good Results

June 15
What is social justice?
Perhaps no issue more motivates progressive activists than social justice. Good intentions may motivate the social justice warriors, albeit sometimes sprinkled with a dollop of self-hatred. But good intentions do not necessarily produce good results.

June 11
California’s Progressive Betrayal
The Golden State’s left-wing policies hurt working-class and middle-class residents

June 6
Loneliness in America Is Caused by Our Broken Culture

June 5
Tariffs Are Taxes