Monday, February 17

Daniel Henninger Observes Leftist Opposition To Education Reform

Late last week Daniel Henninger had a really good column in the Wall Street Journal. He was discussing President Obama's latest faux-concern, the issue of "income inequality." In a column which was subtitled "The left will never support the solution to income inequality," Mr. Henninger was looking at the new mayor of New York City, progessive Leftist Bill de Blasio, and he closed his WSJ column this way:
Let's cut to the chase: The real issue in the American version of this subject is the low incomes of the inner-city poor. And let's put on the table one thing nearly all agree on: A successful education improves lifetime earnings. This assumes one is living in an economy with better than moribund growth, an assumption no one in the U.S. or Western Europe can make anymore. 
If there is one political goal all Democratic progressives agree on it's this: They will resist, squash and kill any attempt anywhere in the U.S. to educate those low-income or no-income inner-city kids in alternatives to the public schools run by the party's industrial-age unions. 
Reforming that public-school monopoly is the litmus test of seriousness on income inequality. That monopoly is the primary cause of America's post-1970s social-policy failure. And that monopoly will emerge from the Obama presidency and de Blasio mayoralty intact. So will income inequality.

Thursday, February 13

George Will, Commissar Barry, and Unicorns

George Will recently opened up his weekly column with this:
Barack Obama, the first president shaped by the celebratory culture in which every child who plays soccer gets a trophy and the first whose campaign speeches were his qualification for the office, perhaps should not be blamed for thinking that saying things is tantamount to accomplishing things, and that good intentions are good deeds. So, his presidency is useful after all, because it illustrates the perils of government run by believers in magic words and numbers.
This opening got me to thinking about Commissar Barry and his magic unicorns.

Wednesday, February 12

Senate Conservatives Fund Exposing Ditch McConnell

The Senate Conservatives Fund has put together this nice new video further exposing Ditch McConnell. Matt Bevin is the clear choice for Republicans in Kentucky.

Tuesday, February 11

Rand Paul Isn't Really Behind Mitch McConnell

In recent days there was an awkward appearance by Senator Rand Paul on Glenn Beck's radio program. Don't just take my word for it, listen to the interview here:

The International Business Times reported the interview with the headline "Rand Paul Is Backing Mitch McConnell's Re-election, But Has No Idea Why."

As I speculated on this blog back in September, I don't think Senator Paul is wholeheartedly behind Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is a bully and he's worried about his own hold on power, as was demonstrated in Senator Paul's book, The Tea Party Goes To Washington, and I scanned these pages for my dear readers as proof.

Kentucky Republicans: Do the right thing. Vote Matt Bevin in the Republican primary this year.

Thursday, February 6

Happy 103rd Birthday President Reagan

It's not original, but that's ok. For Ronald Reagan's 103rd birthday, let's look back at his 100th birthday and something I wrote at that time.