Wednesday, September 25

Mitch McConnell Needs To Go; Rand Paul Shows Why

Senator Rand Paul has endorsed the re-election of deal-maker extraordinaire Mitch McConnell for 2014. McConnell is a man more worried about making deals, not making people mad and his own worthless leadership position than he is about actually adhering to the US Constitution, or in many cases actually standing up for the principles of his party.

I understand why Senator Paul made this endorsement. I think he did this to placate McConnell who is well known for his vindictiveness. I don’t think the endorsement was or is sincere in Paul’s gut. It is clear to me that we need to take Paul’s “endorsement” with a grain of salt and push forward with defeating Mitch McConnell next year. Matt Bevin appears to be the man for the job.

I personally wish that Senator Paul had not made this endorsement, but again, I “understand.” For those of you who have not read Senator Paul’s account of what all took place leading up to Paul’s victory in 2010, The Tea Party Goes To Washington is very insightful as to some of the backroom type of deals and shenanigans McConnell is known for. Again, a petty man worried about holding on to his worthless leadership position.

I have scanned a few pages from The Tea Party Goes To Washington that pertain to McConnell, just so readers can see what I’m referring to. Here they are, feel free to read, comment, enjoy and most importantly, share with others.

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