Tuesday, February 28

Tuesday, February 21

USPS: Stuck With the Government Business Model

Cato Institute has an interesting piece out today about the US Postal Service. The fact that the USPS has a "five-year plan" is laughable. Enjoy and share.
"The plan repeats previous suggestions (i.e., workforce reductions, postal network consolidations, elimination of Saturday delivery, elimination of the retiree healthcare benefit funding requirement) and proposes an increase in the price of a first-class stamp from forty-five to fifty cents."

Monday, February 6

Happy 101st Birthday Ronald Reagan

I'd like to direct you to my blog post from last year on President Reagan's 100th birthday, remembering the President when I was a kid.

Finally, out at the Reagan Libary in Simi Valley, California, the funeral condolences book from the President's 2004 funeral is on display. In the book, Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wrote the following:

"To Ronnie, Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

If that doesn't touch you where it counts, check your pulse.

Sunday, February 5

Obama: “I deserve a second term”

Ha ha ha ha ha. Ok. This is me patting Hussein Obama on the head and saying "Little guy, we've had enough of you. Now, go back out to your sandbox and build us a nice sand castle".

Anybody else in 2012!!

Saturday, February 4

Getting The Camel's Nose Under The Tent.

The great Daniel J. Mitchell sent out an email newsletter today with this great quote in it:

"The most important thing to understand is that leftists want global taxation. To get the ball rolling, they'll take any tax for any purpose. They simply want to get the camel's nose under the tent."

I advise you to look at Mitchell's website and consider signing up for his emails. Great content, it's especially thought provoking. Next time you think "oh well, that's just a small tax", think about this great thought. A percentage of this and a fraction of that, before you know it, it's whole.

Wednesday, February 1

I had to do it, for K

Cougar Town is back on Feb 14 at 8:30 on ABC. And it's not about cougars and it's not about Courteney Cox sleeping with young guys.