Wednesday, August 10

Unhinged Morons

The only thing I agree with Susan, is you should delete your account.

You're so clever Tina. Except, that is NOT what was said. Move along now.

Don't try to interpret politics dogunderwater, you're losing.

Sunday, August 7

Baseball by the Graveside

This is kinda cool. This is the sort of thing I would do.
It also reminded me of a book Invincible Summer: Traveling America in Search of Yesterday's Baseball Greats by Dave D'Antonio. I remember reading this book and loving it. I didn't realize until I looked up the book on Amazon that the book came out in the summer of 1997, 19 years ago. How time flies.

Saturday, August 6

Mike Piazza signs "Live Signature" cards

I don't really understand what this is about and I won't be "chasing 'em," but this looked kinda cool. Big fan of Mike Piazza.

Thursday, August 4

Breitbart Falls From Grace

This important story at The Daily Caller today:
Reminds me of this recent tweet, please look carefully and the details and dates in the pics:

I'm also reminded of the great statesman, and journalist, Andrew Breitbart was, he'd be ashamed to see what happened to his name and his media outlet:

Every time I see Breitbart poisoning the well these days, I am reminded of this great tweet from John Podhoretz.