Wednesday, November 27

Mark Levin Continues to Expose Mitch McConnell

Mark Levin is continuing to expose the fraud that is deal makin' Mitch McConnell. McConnell is apparently a king maker, and prospective candidates and others have to goose step around him and kiss the ring in order to get his blessing. This brief segment mentions a recent meeting with Ben Sasse of Nebraska going to meet with Ditch McConnell.

McConnell is more interested in having a powerful name than is the future of his country, or even his party, as you can see with these petty games he plays.

Take a listen here.

Saturday, November 23

Mark Levin Sheds More Light on Mitch McConnell

On yesterday's Mark Levin show, Mark got a running start at Republican Senator, deal maker Mitch McConnell. Levin made some great points in this segment.

Take a listen here.

This is a great portion of the segment, a scathing indictment of McConnell:
"Isn't this the guy, who before the 2010 election said the Republican Party's becoming a regional party? He didn't even see the tea party movement coming. And in a year or so of that statement from him, one of the biggest electoral landslides up and down the ladder, local state and federal, in American history. And he didn't even see it. And you want to know why? Because he wasn't part of it. He didn't help lead it. He's just there."
McConnell has gone after and targeted the Senate Conservatives Fund because they are supporting his primary opponent Matt Bevin. Bevin needs to be the next Senator from Kentucky.

Ditch Mitch!

Saturday, November 16

Texas Tomorrow: An Economic Plan for Texas in the 21st Century

I posted the following review on for Raul Torres' book Texas Tomorrow: An Economic Plan for Texas in the 21st Century:

This brief volume from Texas State Representative Raul Torres, CPA is an important contribution to the public policy discussion in Texas, and could possibly be quite effective in some other states as well. Good ideas and clear thinking are not limited by state or international borders. Representative Torres helped to pass a bill in Texas Legislature to implement Lean Six Sigma process into state government. The results speak for themselves, and clearly, Rep. Torres is on to something.

Torres' writing is clear and concise, he uses a little humor to make a few points very well. He keeps it simple, where most other authors would bog the reader down with facts or nuance. The book goes into public education, tax relief, budgeting and economic development. On each and every topic, Rep. Torres keeps to the point and ends each section with several positive, solutions oriented recommendations. Those are well worth reading over and over.

Texas Tomorrow is very well researched and it is documented incredibly well. Many of the sources used are available online. Whether you're just interested in some new ideas as a private citizen, a candidate for political office, or an office holder looking for some new ideas, Texas Tomorrow is worth taking a chance on.

Wednesday, November 13

Mark Levin Comments on The Morning Schmoe, Again. Classic!

I blogged a few months ago about Mark Levin obliterating MSNBC's Joe Scarborough. Well, this week, Mark Levin got a running start and took another part of a segment to destroy The Morning Schmoe. It's brilliant audio. Take a listen. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 5

Newt Made My Day

I stopped in to Barnes & Noble this morning to buy the new book by Newt Gingrich, Breakout. As I left the store, from the parking lot I took and tweeted a photo of my purchase. The rest, is history.