Saturday, November 23

Mark Levin Sheds More Light on Mitch McConnell

On yesterday's Mark Levin show, Mark got a running start at Republican Senator, deal maker Mitch McConnell. Levin made some great points in this segment.

Take a listen here.

This is a great portion of the segment, a scathing indictment of McConnell:
"Isn't this the guy, who before the 2010 election said the Republican Party's becoming a regional party? He didn't even see the tea party movement coming. And in a year or so of that statement from him, one of the biggest electoral landslides up and down the ladder, local state and federal, in American history. And he didn't even see it. And you want to know why? Because he wasn't part of it. He didn't help lead it. He's just there."
McConnell has gone after and targeted the Senate Conservatives Fund because they are supporting his primary opponent Matt Bevin. Bevin needs to be the next Senator from Kentucky.

Ditch Mitch!

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