Friday, September 14

Interviewed on The Price of Business, Sept 7, 2012

I was interviewed by Kevin Price on his show The Price of Business on the final day of the DNC in Charlotte. We discussed impeached president Bill Clinton's speech the night before. We also discussed my feature called Across The Pond at


Wednesday, September 12

America Has A Choice - Paul Ryan Ad

I think this is a great ad from Paul Ryan. It's for his congressional campaign back home, it's very effective.


Wednesday, September 5

VIDEO: Empty Chairs Across America

Baracuda Brigade has put together a great video with a compilation of some of the best images from the Clint Eastwood inspired Empty Chair Day. Take a look and enjoy a few laughs.

Saturday, September 1

Unaired & Unedited: Paul Ryan

As I'm posting this video, it's a few days old, but I just discovered it and I think it's really key.


This! Is What We're Up Against

Friends and loyal readers,
The tweet below is from late Friday night:
This kind of delusion is what we're up against this year. We can take nothing for granted. These brain-washed cult worshipers are out there. They're willing to throw their dollars at a do-nothing, empty suit like Barack Hussein Kardashian. They have seriously "bought in" to this clown, they feel a personal connection, unlike anything we've ever seen.

My point is simple: take nothing for granted, never stop fighting. Make sure people know where you stand. Stand with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Donate $5. Re-tweet their tweets, "Like" their posts on Facebook. There's no excuse for not doing your part.

Ready? Go!