Tuesday, August 6

Laughable, Insane: Sheila Jackson-Lee for DHS

Recently the racist Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) put forward the insane notion that somehow, Leftist Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee was qualified to be the new head of the Department of Homeland Security. Among her qualifications is that she's black, she's a democrat, she's a Leftist, and she's heard about US borders and knows about weapons and stuff.

Well, cue the circus clowns, as the local racist Leftist newspaper, Houston Forward Times (which is clearly going backwards as they refuse to move forward) has prominently displayed their savior, Her Majesty The Queen - Queen Sheila, on the front page of their latest issue. This is beyond appalling, it is a disgrace and it is an embarrassment. But is also shows what we rational, thinking Americans are up against.

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