Friday, December 13

You may recall a few weeks ago I bought a copy of Newt Gingrich's newest book, Breakout. I tweeted about the purchase, and Newt re-tweeted me, which was awesome. Obviously, as an opinion leader, Newt wanted to know what I thought about the book. I'm sure you're curious too.

So, here's my Amazon review:

Breakout inspires, motivates, encourages and guides. Five Stars!

Newt Gingrich's Breakout is an important contribution to the future of our country.

Breakout is not your typical Left vs. Right book. For instance, if you read a book like Gingrich's To Save America, this is very different. It would actually be interesting to know how few times the words "Republicans" or "Democrats" actually appear in Breakout. Instead, this book is about big ideas and big thinkers, people who are trying to make things happen, and usually succeeding, in spite of government regulators and those who want to keep the old order in place.

Newt accurately uses a new label, "prison guards," to identify those keeping us locked down in the old, failed ways: bureaucrats, teachers, regulators, professors, government agencies, and environmentalists, to name but a few. Newt cites many great examples and resources throughout his book, all of which can easily be found for further research so we can all work toward achieving Breakout.

Newt's final chapter (chapter 13) and his Conclusion are both brief, but both a really great, important summations of what needs to be done to achieve Breakout. If you do not walk away from this book hopeful and motivated to make real change happen, the problem might just be with you, and you must be happy with the status quo which ultimately is the path to continued failure and mediocre outcomes.

As I mentioned before, go in to this book with an open mind. Breakout isn't just for Republicans or just for Democrats: it's for us. All of us. Breakout awaits, and this enjoyable, readable roadmap toward Breakout is a quick and easy read and will certainly open your mind to clearer thinking about what can happen if we all demand it and work toward it.

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