Wednesday, March 5

Ihor From (near) Detroit: The Perfect Democrat

I just recently became aware of these videos, which are nearly two years old. They tell a fascinating story of hope and promise for the Democrats.

Our story starts with this guy, Ihor, from Warren (which is near Detroit). If ever there was a perfect Democrat, one who isn't black, Ihor is it.

First, Ihor has real problems with rule of law, a prerequisite for being a Leftist Democrat.

Then, he doesn't listen to women. Fortunately, the Democrat party has a long list of abusers of women, so this guy fits right in. The Democrat war on women has a new soldier.

And, while Ihor only claims to not listen to women, and he will yell at them to shut up if they're yelling at him, he has never (that we know of) drowned a woman like Ted Kennedy did, abused his wife like Congressman Alan Grayson has, or ever ordered a woman to "kiss it" like Bill Clinton did. "It" being, well you know. And this is the same Bill Clinton that raped Juanita Broaddrick and then told her to "you better put some ice on that." "That" being her lip that he bit at some point during the rape.

Now it turns out, to polish his Democrat resume and make him a full-fledged member of the Democrat Left, Ihor has problems keeping his pants on. On the bright side, at least he was caught and punished for this, before he won elected office, but still.

Ihor is a message machine, and he is a perfect Democrat in the sense that he plays the victim quite well. His pants, that his mom bought him, were too big, and when he went outside to clean up the neighborhood, they fell off of him. There you go Ihor, stick with that story. I would advise you to mention that you were doing the neighborhood clean up "for the children" and you'll be home free. Leftist Democrats just love that lie/excuse.

Ihor doesn't live in reality, which is another Democrat prerequisite, he claims he's from Mars. Perfect.

Finally, Ihor gets sentenced. Like many Democrats before him, he was in a court room, in handcuffs and before a judge, awaiting his fate. Like most Democrats, who are never told "no!" in their lives because it hurts their self esteem, and those Democrats that are never disciplined, this judge put it to Ihor and lectured him how people act in the real world.

Bottom line: I suspect with a little PR recovery and once he signs over his life to DNC, Ihor will be a candidate for office of some sort in 2016. You heard it here first, Ihor S. (D-Michigan).

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