Thursday, October 16

Remembering Freddie Garcia Five Years Later

Freddie Garcia
Five years ago today, the world lost a man that I can only ever wish I had met, and only wish I ever knew. This man was Freddie Garcia.

Freddie was a drug addict in his young life and eventually found his way, perhaps it should be said that God showed Freddie the way. Freddie would go on to establish a ministry for addicts called Outcry in the Barrio, and he wrote a book by that title with his wife, Nifna. It's a book you should read, or you can even listen to it these days on audio CD.

Outcry in the Barrio lives on today, as a thriving ministry. Freddie's son Jubal now leads the ministry and is leading it into international realms.

This summer I was at an event hosted by Outcry in the Barrio, and Freddie's wife Ninfa spoke to the crowd and in recalling Freddie, she said, "Freddie was a soul winner." I loved that statement, and even for a man I never knew or never met, I knew she was right.

We miss you Freddie. Your work lives on though. Well done.

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