Friday, July 15

On Selecting Mike Pence

For the first time since he won the nomination, I have a reason to be excited about Donald Trump's candidacy. I like the choice of Governor Pence.

Governor Pence was interviewed in 2014 by Ripon Forum, and in response to a question, he stated this:
"We Republicans need to offer a positive alternative to the failed policies of President Obama and the Democrats. We need to be “solutions conservatives.” We need to showcase constructive solutions that will lead to more economic opportunity and upward mobility for everyone. This includes fixing our broken tax code, reforming health care in a way that lowers costs and gives families greater ownership of their healthcare choices, reducing job-killing regulations and changing our safety net programs in ways that truly help people move up out of poverty."
Any reader of mine knows that this is the kind of thinking that I can get behind. In fact, I have been of this line of thinking for years now. As a Jack Kemp - Paul Ryan conservative, this statement by Governor Pence could be a sort of mission statement. Much of what Governor Pence's statement is about, is already covered in the recent "Better Way" proposals laid out by Speaker Paul Ryan, Ways & Means Chairman Kevin Brady, and the House Republicans,

All this said, in Texas, Trump is a sure thing, so I will be writing in Paul Ryan in November anyway, but today's choice is a great reason to get behind the Republican ticket and get it across the finish line in November.

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